Why Conservatives should not abandon Herman Cain

Imagine you’re a judge sitting down to hear a sexual harassment case. The defense is a prominent, wealthy businessman with political ambitions and a reputation for generosity and candor. The prosecution is three women, all with prior histories of defamation suits, a known penchant for accusing all surrounding men of harassment, serious financial problems and unquestionably politically-motivated attorneys *cough* Gloria Allred *cough* To top off the delectable dessert of unreliability, all three women can’t prove anything more than a friendly phone conversation, despite accusations flying fast and thick that deep, dark sexual naughties were occurring regularly, FOR YEARS.

You don’t even need to think about it, do you? You laugh heartily, bang the gavel, throw the broads out of court and go to lunch.

Now imagine the exact same circumstances are in effect, but instead of a judge, you are a reporter, and this wealthy businessman is not just any businessman, but is a black man who had the gall to think for himself and run for president as a conservative. Now, OBVIOUSLY, he’s guilty. There’s no way around it. By god, he even signed a book for one of these women! Get her in therapy, stat!

Amidst the fainting spells that the media is enduring over Herman Cain’s alleged indiscrepancies, nobody is bothering to wonder why there are no plane tickets, hotel room reciepts, security tape footage or other evidence of any of these affairs, particularly this latest charge of a 13-year covert sexual relationship. I’m sorry, but we can find evidence of one-night stands, let alone 13-year-long wining and dining adventures. Bill Clinton had a semen-stained dress, proof of gifts purchased for several mistresses and recordings of less-than-tasteful phone conversations WHILE IN OFFICE and we were told to butt out of his private life and stop forcing our morals on everybody.

All we have proof of with Herman Cain is 61 text messages (47 of which were initiated by unreliable witness #3) and a book signed by Herman Cain, asserting the power of friendship or some such disgusting, overtly sexual, filthy drivel. (Sarcasm intended.)

Herman Cain has admitted that he helped Ginger White (the 13-year broad) financially, and has further admitted that he did not tell his wife that he’d given Ms. White money, a fact that he regrets, according to his interview last night on Fox News. But we’re not accusing him of not remembering to fill his wife in on one of the many people he helps, we are accusing him of a long and seedy extramarital affair. His relationship with his wife, and who he chooses to help financially, is his own business. (As a side note, we’re constantly being told that the “rich need to pay their fair share” and that these wealthy CEOs are flying around in their private jets with not a care for the little guys – Herman Cain, former CEO, takes it upon himself to help out just one such little guy, and he’s villified for it? Oh, right, generosity doesn’t count unless it goes through a government bureaucracy first.)

Cain has been accused by pundits from the left and right of not reacting correctly and not moving fast enough. He is “reassessing” his campaign this weekend, and every holier-than-thou political reporter is positive that his taking of a few days to back off and figure this out is a sign of political ignorance.


Herman Cain has won our hearts by being REAL. He admits that he hates to see how hard this is on his wife and his family. He admits that he needs to get council before launching into a full-scale war, unlike some candidates who like to leave the realms of reality in order to impress us with their smartitude. He admits that he doesn’t know it all, but that he has faith and principles that will guide his decisions, a refreshing honesty in the midst of a generation of college-educated morons. Taking a weekend to reassess and decide what’s best for his campaign, his family and the conservative movement that he loves is the best move for Herman Cain. It’s why he’s garnered such support and why he continues to hang on despite all this cooked-up drama. So, conservatives, ask yourself what you would rather have – a false front with good-sounding answers and no actions to back it up, or an admittedly flawed (as we all are) man with principles we can believe in, candor we can trust and a refreshingly non-political take on the big problems we face.

Herman Cain has brought charisma, energy, good cheer, a strong business background, ideas, accessibility and a non-political spin to this race. He deserves our support, and everyone who turns their back on him because of this cooked-up story deserves whatever lousy nominee they get as a result.

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  1. The problem with Herman is that

    a) There was more than one woman and they just kept coming. This isn’t Herman’s fault, but just a fact to deal with, and he didn’t deal with it well. By just denying their claims made it into a he-said, she-said argument. He needed to turn the situation around and make the women prove their claims. Instead he just denied them and let them stand on the same ground as him. Bad move.
    b) Herman couldn’t deny not being with them alone. This is a mistake many men make and set themselves up for big time problems. In business or in personal life, where ever there is a woman involved, unless she’s your wife, sister or mother, you can’t be alone with her, period. You need to be above reproach so you need someone else in the room with you.
    c) Herman’s blunder on Libya was the nail in the coffin. It was clear he didn’t understand the question and was searching for answers. That’s fine for an offline interview, but when the camera’s rolling? — it pretty much sunk him.

    If you watched Herman with Newt in the Lincoln style debates, you’ll notice a couple of times he asks if Newt can answer the question first because he didn’t have a clue how to respond. Mr. Cain would make a great congressman or Senator, but President. He was in the deep end of the pool and didn’t know how to properly handle the wakes.

    I don’t think conservatives are abounding Mr. Cain… they just see that he isn’t ready to be President. For proof I’m sure if you got a hold of his tax records for 2012, you’ll see he’s doing just fine in the book sales and speaking departments.

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  4. Aip

    Bernie: If attorneys for the women chgiarng Herman Cain with sexual inappropriateness DO persuade their clients to break their confidentiality agreements and join together in a joint news conference, wouldn’t these lawyers, their law firms and anyone else who may have played a part in convincing the women to speak up’,be guilty of tortious interference and could be liable for damages whether Cain was lying or not?The CBS News/Brown & Williamson case comes to mind, and the Al Pacino/Russell Crowe movie The Insider, when 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman was warned by a CBS corporate attorney that if the network had persuaded ousted B&W scientist Jeffrey Weigand to break his confidentiality, and reveal the contents of such an agreement, at the end of the day B&W would own CBS? In this case, couldn’t the women’s lawyers and anyone else who may have co-conspired to break the C.A.’s, be made liable to the National Restaurant Association and perhaps Cain himself? I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one of TV, but I think this raises a bigger legal issue. And, perhaps this was a reason why the joint news conference hasn’t yet happened, and NOT because the women had scheduling conflicts? What say you?

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