A new weekly feature in which I give you The Best of the Political Interwebs for the week. (Clearly I need help coming up with a better name for this.)

You know that feeling when you see a really great article or funny video or picture of a kitten and you want to tell everyone about it, so you post it to Facebook immediately and then realize that you’ve been blocked from your friends’ newsfeeds for being too political, too brazen, or simply too noisy?

Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I am endeavoring to be more sensitive to my non-political social media acquaintances by simply rounding up all of those fabulous links once a week and sharing them with you, my intelligent and awesome readership.

(Also, you need to help me name this new weekly feature. Wednesday Round-up? Too boring. The current name? Non-existent and way too long, all at once. Help!)

Buckle up, friends! Here is MY favorite news of this week:

Happy Wednesday, everybody! What do you think of my new feature? Like it? Hate it? Got a name for it?

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  1. Ashley N

    I like the new feature! Hmmm…Political Pinpoints? Catchy Clicks about Politics? Political picks of the week?

    I’ll keep thinking.

  2. I admit: I have already been convinced to the economic naysayers concerning the market. Has anyone identified a glimmer of hope throughout this “down-turn”?

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