The latest from the wide realms of the Internets, drug back to the Man-Cave just for you, my dearies.

It’s Wednesday again, which means that I’m dragging the best from my online hunting grounds to the mouth of our collective conservative man-caves that the media is convinced we all live in. You know, the cave that we hunker down in at night, in between forcing our Catholicism on others, hating women and beating up on gay people and underprivileged teens.

Anyway, here’s the choicest morsels:

Michelle Malkin and Dana Perino awesomely highlight the difference between how Bush was treated with high gas prices and what we hear of Obama’s role in this sitch. The dueling headlines are especially worth a read, and save up your pennies, kids, as prices aren’t going down anytime soon.

Don’t read this next story if you’re not made of strong stuff – I’ve been wanting to write about the unfolding sex abuse cases in the L.A. school district for weeks now, but every time I try I find myself to weak to even think about it. Hug your babies, mommas, and protect them with everything you have, as I’m convinced this story is only the tip of the iceberg.

In happier news, Act of Valor opens this Friday, and the SEALs parachuted in to the premier in L.A. last week. Of course they did, because they are awesome.

Guess what else is creeping up, along with high gas prices? Unemployment! Yay! Also, I’ve written before about the insanity of Unemployment Insurance for 99 weeks… thankfully someone agrees with me.

John Stossel teaches everyone how to count. Not that Jay Carney or John Boehner will listen, but at least he gave it a try.

The American Dream used to be that you could really succeed. We used to tell our kids that they could be astronauts and inventors, millionaires and explorers. Today, we tell our kids that they can maybe avoid bankruptcy. Ah, success; you smell less and less like a beautiful blooming rose and more like a dusty silk plant these days.

We already subsidize the electric/alternative/bunny-powered car industry, but I think we have some taxpayer money laying around that needs to get spent on lousy cars that nobody outside of San Fransisco will buy, don’t you? Never mind that the average Chevy Volt owner makes roughly FIVE TIMES what the average American earns in one year. It’s a subsidy for the ecologically-minded 1%, which is great, since those guys have been really ignored lately.

Lastly, TCU (the Nichols family’s dearly beloved) had a drug bust last week, and my sister-in-law wrote about it. If you care about college sports at all, you’ll love her blog.

That was all I could comb from the barren land for you, my fellow-cave-dwellers.

Dani Hunt Good.

California... here we come, Punditry


  1. Adam

    “You know, the cave that we hunker down in at night, in between forcing our Catholicism on others, hating women and beating up on gay people and underprivileged teens.”

    Hahahahaha… you forgot wishing we were drinking dirty water.

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