Women’s Rights have come a long way, from rights and respect to… sex?

We’re really big on anecdotal stories when we pass legislation these days, have you noticed that? Because of the purely anecdotal story of Sandra Fluke, Georgetown Law student who’s supposedly going broke buying birth control, everybody’s all upset about mean Republicans and Catholics and how they hate women’s health, and nobody bothers to ask if buying birth control is something the federal government should be doing in the first place.

Think about it:

Government is here to protect the weak. It’s here to give us a strong national security, to operate a system of justice under which all people, regardless of race, gender or status have equal rights under the law, and to furnish an environment in which anyone can prosper and achieve their dreams. Government is not here to buy you everything you want, to fund your pet project or even to keep you from going broke in college. Last time I checked, that’s the job of doting grandparents and fairy godmothers, not Uncle Sam or your neighbor, Joe Taxpayer.

Also, women – I have to say something to you. I am disgusted by our unthinking willingness to fall into line and believe ourselves maligned by some uncaring bigot, when we live in the most free and prosperous nation on Earth, with more rights than 95% of the world could ever dream of. As you know, I’m honored to be included in the BlogHer publishing network – a group of intelligent women and thoughtful writers who daily impress me with their work – but today I read this post and just had to shake my head.

To tie this abomination of a hearing to women’s suffrage is a disgrace to our foremothers who spent long hours and countless time proving their worth as voters and thinking members of society. We are not talking about a woman’s right to vote, to work, to become educated, to make her opinion known, or to even have sex with whomever she chooses at whatever time she pleases. We are talking about whether or not Joe Taxpayer should have to foot the bill for her lifestyle.

Also, sisters, how can we expect to be respected in a man’s world, honored for our opinions and our beliefs – if our only concern is how many fellas we can bonk for free? If birth control is a god-given right to me by virtue of being a woman, than I demand that the government (or the Catholic church, after all, by this logic I’m not worried about whose rights I infringe upon, but only how much money I can get) buy me new bras every few months. They wear out, y’all! Have you ever bought a new bra? I tell you what, Victoria’s Secret costs me a hell of a lot more than birth control pills, and I am outraged that these dunderheads in Congress can’t see that I have a right to free bras for my poor boobs. ALSO, I insist on free tampons and other menstrual accoutrements. Because we’ve discussed at length every other activity that goes on between my knees, so let’s talk about that one as well. I am woman! I’m so liberated that I’ve basically become no better than a walking vajayjay, BUT I DEMAND YOUR RESPECT.

Also, never mind that the federal taxpayer already foots the bill for free birth control via Planned Parenthood. Never mind that Sandra Fluke is a 30-year-old “reproductive rights advocate” (whatever the hell that is) instead of the 23-year-old coed she claims to be, that attending Georgetown University Law costs upwards of $30,000 per year (not counting room and board) and we’re supposed to believe that a pack of condoms is simply more than this poor child can afford. Never mind that gas prices are rising daily, unemployment is in the shitter and Iran is building nuclear weapon and somehow our President finds time to call this fraud and offer his condolences, since us little women are only worried about our reproductive systems and not the kind of America the product of our orgasms might inherit.

Oh, but wait. We’re not worried about the country our kids inherit. Our heroine is Margaret Sanger, and we are the new, modern women, the ones who think that pregnancy is a disease and our kids are only to be treasured if they are born without defect, when we plan to have them, in our perfectly ordered, taxpayer-funded utopia.

Women, sisters, friends. You’re being played. You are being marginalized and made to look foolish, inconsequential and petty, and you are picketing in favor of it, blogging about it, cheering on those who mock you and use you for political gain. This is a First Amendment issue. This is about what government is here for and what we stand to gain or lose in the next decade. I’ll tell you one thing: this government for the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was never intended to police your vajayjay, that’s for damn sure. Why don’t you kick it out and go back to being more than your bodyparts.

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  1. OMG cracking up and shaking my fist with you reading the whole thing. Why ISN’T Congress buying my bras?!? Can I at least get a tax exemption since I had to replace all mine with nursing bras? I guess not since most people don’t want me using that body part for its intended purpose of nourishing the product of my “walking talking vajayjay”. Also last I checked, abstinence is 100% free AND effective for preventing pregnancy….why isn’t that being explored?

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  5. Echo

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking.

  6. I clicked over from your blog about the political middle because I just had to find out when you talked about your vajayjay. I’ve been taking a class at church where we talked about how feminism didn’t actually work to prove that women had inherit value that was worthy of respect, they worked to prove that women could be men. In fact, feminists are bound and determined to prove that women can be better men than men can. I think that’s what this issue (and much of the pro choice movement) is tapping into. Women want to be able to have sex in the same way that a man does. Men don’t have to worry too much about contraceptives because their body won’t be carrying a fetus. So women don’t want that pesky fetus possibility either. Men can walk away from a pregnancy that’s happening in someone else’s body so women want to be able to walk away too. In our anxiety to be equal we’ve grasped on to the most despicable displays of masculinity (although I hesitate to even use that word to describe such behavior because I believe the majority of men are so much better than that) and declared, “we want that too!” I wonder if this is a lingering affect of the shameful racial relations in our country’s past. Women are terrified to acknowledge their essential differences from men for fear that those differences will be used to justify our mistreatment.

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