The Super Tuesday Tattler (on Wednesday)

It’s humpday again, which means I’m guzzling coffee and endeavoring to find you the very best of the Internets, because I am just that kind of girl. Anyway, yesterday was Super Tuesday and everybody is talking about it today, so here is the best analysis of the Super Tuesday results, and the results themselves.

I don’t think that Super Tuesday is the biggest thing going on right now, though, so I’m going to move on. Last week I got all hot and bothered about Second Amendment Rights, and this week we actually have two good pieces of news on that front, from Maryland and Colorado. My belief in the human race is not unfounded, it seems.

I believe in my fellow Americans, but not in government, as founded by this next story. Wanna build a house? Well, you better find a job on your construction site for a dude in a wheelchair, because the Gummint is going to force you to hire him. Ah, the sweet smell of freedom, where you can open a business and make a life for yourself, only after complying with untold dollars of bureaucrat regulation and job-killing laws.

Rush Limbaugh, in a moment of unwise satire, called Sandra Fluke a couple of very naughty names. The fascinating thing about this story is not what Rush said – it only took a day for him to apologize and it wasn’t even that bad – it’s the tone-deaf, hateful reaction to him. It’s almost like Fluke and her ilk want to make the debate about hyperbole instead First Amendment rights! Can’t imagine why…

Speaking of First Amendment rights, this article on religious freedom is a must-read. Don’t let this debate become about a poor, embattled law student who needs a condom, please sir, stop calling me names, all I want is your money, sir. This is about religious liberty and what the Gummint can mandate. Since this topic is linked to the pro-life issue, I’ll note this as well: I’ve always been vaguely pro-life, but have become increasingly so after reading stories like this one. Read it. I dare you not to cry.

Speaking of being pro-life and pro-family, I have to share this piece of satire. It’s from Portlandia, which is probably my favorite show at the moment. Hopefully I’ll write a full review of how much I love it, but for now, I will let the comedic genius speak for itself:

I recently subscribed to The Economist, which is great, because it makes me look super smart while getting my oil changed or at the gym. Another benefit is that the writing style is positively stellar and their reasoning usually rock-solid. I’ve been having a hard time with the nuclear Iran debate and this article gave me a place to start thinking from. Well done, sir.

To end on a final happy note, my friends and I started a little thing called the Corner Booth Social Club and you should check it out. So far, we’re just introducing ourselves and our writing styles and it’s already pretty dang awesome. Stop by and say hello sometime – I’ll be the one with a milkshake and a dog-eared copy of The Economist, trying to keep up with my smart friends as the banter flows like chocolate sauce.

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