Why do women allow themselves to be used and manipulated?

I want to share an incredible video, but first, a couple of qualifiers: I don’t want you to think that I’m posting this because I think it’s OK for liberal women to be called names and not conservatives. I’m also not someone who takes the First Amendment so lightly that I think I can bully someone into saying the kinds of things I think he or she should. If Bill Maher wants to call conservative women obscene names, I will fight for his right to do so, even though I think it is abhorrent. However, I am fascinated by the feminist anger towards a conservative commentator and not toward a liberal comedian, despite the far more aggressive and evil nature of the comments coming from the Left.

Something to think about, sisters. Be honest, why are you really angry? Because someone was called a name or because your vote is taken so lightly and your mental capacity to see dualism and hypocrisy is not appreciated?

(For a more thorough treatment of this topic, please read liberal columnist Kristen Powers’ incredible post on the Daily Beast. I knew she was a cool chick and there had to something we could agree on.)


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  1. In civil discourse, name calling has no place. I also support free speech. Both men are entertainers first and political commentators second. Their first objective is to keep their name in the public eye and have a paycheck at the end of the day.

  2. Jessy

    Maher is equally blunt on religion / creeds / sex / race. I don’t think he’s sexist. Wrapping up this fundraising video in a blanket of moral outrage is goofy and insulting to the intelligence of women.

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