The Wednesday Rambler Returns!

Hello my pets! I abandoned you last week, and I wish I could tell you it was because all influential bloggers were called to a super-secret chocolate-milk summit at the White House, or because I’ve become a deadly archer in the wake of reading the Hunger Games and no longer need silly things like “making a living”.

However, none of that is true. I slacked off because I’ve been busy catching lobster, baking pound cake and watching Portlandia. However, now I have returned to bring you the best of the Interwebs, so without further ado:

Remember when I told y’all how having fun is no longer allowed at the beach? Well, this time we mean it, at least here in the OC. Hold tight to those happy memories with your dearly beloved, singing ’round a bonfire on the sand – all too soon we’re going to be telling our kids stories of the good ol’ days, when people were allowed to sit on the beach, and, terror of terrors, even enter the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

You’ve probably heard something about this #VetthePrez movement, started by the late Andrew Breitbart and carried on by his crew of journalists and Michelle Malkin. If you haven’t heard of it yet, read this column and start to get curious, curious like we all should have been in 2008 and are just now remembering how to be.

In Republican FightFIGHTfightfightsigh news, Mitt Romney took Illinois, although it appears that very few people actually voted.

I freaking love Texas. Just when you think that all Christians are about to wring our hands and apologize our way out of relevance, they do something to ignite your belief in the human race once again. Yeah First Amendment!

Tim Tebow got traded to the Jets. I think it would’ve been poetic and awesome if he’d gone to the Colts and done something great with Peyton’s old team, but ah well, nobody asked me. Peyton Manning is a hard guy not to like, and Tebow is a hard guy not to love, so I guess it’s all good.

Guess what? Facebook overusage contributes to “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and an exaggerated sense of self-importance”. You don’t say. I never would have thought that assuming 800 people care about my minutia constituted narcissism!

One final thought – this blog is not particularly revolutionary, but it does illustrate something we’ve all forgotten in this long slog of a Republican primary and countless Congress v. Prez fights. President Obama’s steady rise of the national debt is unpatriotic by his own definition, he needs to be held accountable for it and those who oppose it need to stop apologizing for doing so.

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  1. Brenda Fielding

    Hi, I am so disgusted with the leftist media- especially Ed Shultz, Bill Maher, and those other jerks at MSNBC. It’s amazing that the left went crazy over Rush Limbaugh’s comment- it’s unbelievable. Especially when that law student, Sandra L, was going after free birth control for her permiscuious activities. Back in high school, those girls WERE the sluts. But to call women who AREN’T sluts, sluts and not to have any apology or an outcry from the media really is disgusting. I don’t think anyone should be called a slut because it’s mean, but I’m just making that point. I think everyone should be respectful but I’m soooooo sick of the hypocrisy. Especially when the O’Reilly Factor traced the whole “War on Women” and the Sandra L thing all the way back to the white house. AND then, to make everything so hysterically FUNNY, Obama called Sandra personally. That was just the barfing point for me. I mean, how stupid does Obama really think women are? He must think we are so easily manipulated and dumb- like he can say one little thing and we all go, “Oh yea, you’re right, everyone deserves free birth control and we don’t know who will ineventually pay for that but we don’t care because we’re mesmerized by your voice”… as we trail off in a hypnotic state. Blech. I can’t stand Obama and his henchmen anymore.

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