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Every January, I start to get a little twitchy, because I know that Tax Season is just around the bend, and, as a small business owner, I gotta be Johnny-on-the-spot with my payments, or much Woe Will Befall Everybody (or mainly just me, but you know. Gotta lather on the dramz.)

So anyway, like Miss Pascal, I don’t love tax time. But then, who does, right? Old fellas hanging out at McDonald’s at 7 a.m. probably have more tax jokes than anything else this time of year, and we collectively shrug and sigh. It’s just the way it is, we say. We have to pay for schools, and roads, and all the bridges that are falling down all over Kingdom Come, and what about poor Tony and his seven kids? They can’t eat jokes, you know.

For the most part, I really believe that stuff, too. Because I’m not an anarchist, and I do want to take care of people and keep our country safe and all that. But what if that’s not what our tax dollars go to?

What if our tax dollars are being spent on failing solar energy companies, food stamps for millionaires, lavish getaways for government workers, child-molesting public school teacher’s salaries (that we can’t take away, thanks unions!) and regulations that cost the jobs and money of already struggling Americans?

See, the Republican unwillingness to raise taxes is not mere political footwork. It’s not just something to say to make people vote, potholes be damned, git yer hands offa mah cash. We believe in lower taxes because they government has not proved itself worthy of our investment. As a proud member of the 51% of this country who actually pay taxes, that gives me a right to speak out – and after working 107 days to pay off the IRS, I think I deserve better than this. I think you do, too.

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