The Wednesday Whiz! Tax time is over, but 2013 is looming, y’all!

Hello, dear ones. You might be on the edge of your seat about the response to my first-ever vlog, so I’ll tell you that it might been a colossal failure. It was quickly pointed out to me that I had terrible hair and makeup, a plethora of “ums” and a tendency to stare off into space. That said, I’ve been a colossal failure at a lot of things in my life, and I’m sure this won’t be the last thing I’m terrible at and need to learn how to do: like knowing how many times to knead homemade bread, how to keep a clean coffeetable or how to not cuss when I get welly, welly mad. My point is, thanks for humoring me and keep the comments coming… I clearly need all the help I can get.

In case you are feeling peachy about your taxes and ready to take on the world, Heritage Foundation has an amazing piece that will set you back on your heels:

“Taxmageddon — a slew of expiring tax cuts and new tax increases that will hit Americans on January 1, 2013, amounting to a $494 billion tax hike. Heritage’s Curtis Dubay reports that American households can expect to face an average tax increase of $3,800 and that 70 percent of Taxmageddon’s impact will fall directly on low-income and middle-income families, leaving them with $346 billion less to spend.”

Woowee. Well, that’s cheerful.

To brighten you up a bit, check out the dumbest terrorist ever! Also, Sarah Silverman doesn’t get away with being crass all the time, and some of the Obama Handouts are a scam.

Feeling better? Well, good, because this is sure to send you into a tailspin. You know how we’re all paying through the nose for gas and energy? Well, thanks to the EPA, we’ll keep paying more, and won’t be able to increase production. Boy oh boy, I’m getting more libertarian by the day.

In Mitt Romney news, he came out swinging in a recent interview with, and boys howdy I am glad to see that. Unfortunately, his campaign also made an ill-informed infographic, and Political Math does a great job of talking about what’s wrong with it and what could make it work.

Also, R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr. wrote in the American Spectator what I’ve been saying for weeks: THE TEA PARTY IS NOT OVER. Get it together, y’all, and we can still stick a fork in this bad boy.  Also, Sarah Palin talks intelligently about $4 per gallon gas, which is better than most politicians, amirite?

Oh, also? I kindof hate political ads, but this one is pretty great. Happy Humpday, y’all! Keep your chins up and stay the course.

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  1. Rob Cromwell

    Dani, helpful comments regarding ways to improve your video/tv image does not mean you failed. Cheer up, mi amiga ! Keep up the work ! You are doing great ! BajaRob

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