News Rag Roundup – Video Edition

Hoo boy, I am so high-tech these days! Both of these videos are so amazing that I didn’t want to bury them in an averagely huge and deal-breaking news rag roundup, so please watch and learn:

This next video holds a special place in my heart, as this is the area of my hometown, the work my dad is fighting for, and many people whom I love, whose lifestyles, livelihoods and heritage are on the line:

California... here we come, News Rag Roundup, Punditry, Social justice


  1. Carol Warren

    These were great video clips. Thanks for sharing, I will forward to others.
    Keep up the good work, girl! I do believe the environmentalist’s WAR on Rural America is real. These people (fascists, Progressives & Socialists) are athiest-wackos. The Bible says, in the End Times, the wicked will worship the creation instead of the Creator. How true it is …Carol

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