California Voting Guide: References

Before you assume that I’m just an uneducated hack who is simply swinging wildly at tax proposals and calling bureaucrats names…. well… that might be kind of true. However, I also did some research, which you are welcome to read and educate yourself with as well. I expect you’ll find it enlightening, and please notice that I use a variety of sources.

Of course, if you’re a simple kind of person (like myself) a calculator and a notepad will be more than enough to convince you of California’s fiscal woes, so this is simply to entertain and enthrall you once you’re done crying about our impending bankruptcy. Salud!

The Laffer Curve

France’s Fiscal Suicide (aka look out, California, math is coming for you)

LA unemployment

Public Employee Pensions

California’s Failed Policies

Raise Taxes on Rich?

Caltrans Corruption


Sex Abuse in Schools, and Teachers who cannot be fired (this one will get your blood boiling)

CA Tax Burden

Your Child is Left Behind

Phony Budget Fun

Cal Tax

Decade of Crazy Big Government

CA Teachers Union

The Pension Problem

2012, California... here we come ,


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